Refined Products -EN590


EN590- ULSD -DIESEL , Gasoline   are available on FOB delivery  from  Houston  Rotterdam or Middle-East port.

Price  based on Platts price or Nymex.

-.Buyer must have capital and  ready logistic.For anymore informations please check our commodities's and procedure's page , feel free to ask to us directly.

Our Actual differents possibilities of supply.


    Price : PLATTS -30USD for Trial, -40USD for contract. Available 100,000 MT

Procedure FOB Fujaiarah

  1. Buyer issues ICPO.
  2. Seller issues Proforma Invoice (PI), buyer signs and returns back to seller.
  3. Seller issues to buyer the PPOP documents
  4. Buyer / supervisor physically verifies the product in tanks and a dip test is conducted immediately on buyer’s expense.
  5. After the successful Q&Q Dip test on the product, the buyer extended the seller's tank and made the payment through MT103 - TT for the total value of the product as per the inspection report and final
  6. Commercial Invoice (CI).
  7. Upon seller receives the payment for the product from the buyer, seller issues to buyer the Title ownership of the product and all exporting documents of the product.
  8. Buyer lifts the product.


2-. EN590 10ppm - Batumi Port (Georgia)

Delivery weekly Tank-to-Vessel 40,000 MT
Price: NWE -25 Gross / -20 Net
Dip and pay


3-. EN590 10ppm - Mersin Port (Turkey)
Delivery weekly 30,000 - 40,000 MT
Price: MED -15 Gross / -10 Net

Dip and pay

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Refined Products -EN590

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